take home tubs


These cute tubs keep your cotton candy super fresh, so you can enjoy later or send to a friend!  

$4 each or 6 for $22

take home tubs bundle


Perfect for party favours, surprise all your office buddies or try all the flavours!! 

Bundle of 10 for $35

take home tubs pack


This pack is great for large celebrations,  showers or in-store grand openings!

Pack of 15 for $50

party cups


the perfect take home party treat, add gum balls to the bottom, sprinkles or gold edible stars to the top!


party cups bundle


our bundle of party cups is great for small showers, or birthday parties.

15 cups for $42

party cups pack


party cups pack is great for sweet sixteens, birthday bashes or larger birthday parties!

25 for $70


cotton candy on a stick!


these cute sealed bags have gold foiled bottoms, perfect for parties, in-store events or wedding favours.

$3.50 each

mini jars


....just a taste! perfect for weddings, galas and corporate events. 

$2.75 each

trio of tubs gift box


gift giving made easy!  Send a co-worker, friend or client a yummy trio of cotton candy tubs.  Pick your 3 flavours and let us do the rest:)